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5 Inflammatory Foods That Are Making You Fat

In spite of eating healthy, following a strict diet and exercising regularly, don’t you see changes in your weight? Do you still feel fat? Here are some food that not only increases your weight but also cause skin problems, digestive issues, diabetes and more. Avoid these inflammatory foods to stay healthy.


Sugar can be consumed in various forms like chocolates, chewing gums, sweets, caffeinated drinks, energy drinks and more. Consuming a lot of sugar reduces the strength in your immune system and it reduces the proper functioning of white blood cells.

Fast Food

These days, fast food is in so much demand. Fast food can be prepared easily and are added with different types of chemicals to make it taste amazing. They are very inflammatory as they are usually deep fried. They are stuffed with calories and will make you fat and cause many other digestive related issues.

Saturated fats

Chips, burgers and pizzas are a few examples of saturated fats. There are a number of studies that have shown that saturated fats develop adipose tissues in the body. Adipose tissues are layers of fat building inside a human body.


Occasional drinking doesn’t harm the body. But drinking on a daily basis can damage your body in several ways. Excessive alcohol leads to absorption of toxins in the body.

Artificial Additives

Artificial additives are certain chemicals that are added to improve the taste in the food or give it a nice colour or texture. These are not natural sources and will eventually cause a lot of damage to your body when consumed too much.

The above mentioned items have to be avoided for a better health. Consuming natural sources of food is the best way for you to be healthy. Either consume it least or do not consume it at all.

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